Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Becky Wolery

I wear many hats just as you all do. I am a psychologist. I am a counselor. I am an educator. I am a crisis worker. I am an interventionist. I am a writer. I am a lover of family. I am a lover of people. I am a lover of life! My great passion is to bring healing to individuals who struggle with difficult experiences or relationships in their lives. I strive to help individuals and families discover valuable insights and deeper understanding which leads to healthier perceptions and strengthen their self-identity and important relationships in their lives. My desire is to help individuals achieve their full potential and find self-fulfillment in their life’s journey.  
My educational background includes a Doctorate in Applied Psychology from California Southern University. I have a Masters in Social Work from Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Health from Eastern Oregon University in Oregon. I am a licensed Psychological Service Extender(PSE) and also a licensed Clinical Social Worker(LCSW). I am also a member of  many organizations including: Co-chair: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), RDC Youth Committee, CISM (Crisis Intervention Stress Management) Team Member, Idaho Psychology Association, Idaho Social Workers Associations, and Psychology Today.
I have presented on various topics over the course of my educational and working career like; 
  • Mental Health Topics:  Finding Peace in Adversity, Understanding & Managing Depression, The Anxiety and Stress response, Intervening with Psychosis, Neurophysiology of Bliss, Breaking the abuse Cycle
  • Marriage Presentations: Healthy Communication, Trust in Relationships, Active Listening Skills, Conflict Resolution 101, Effective & Happy Parenting
  • Business Presentations: Effective Communication in the Workplace, Self-Care for the Professional, Conflict Resolution, Death by Powerpoint
  • Crsis Presentations: Suicide Prevention, Crisis Cycle, Personality Disorders, De-escalation with patients in E.R., Caregivers Crisis Response
  • College Classes: Psychology, Social Work, Health, Fitness Courses

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