Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dear Dr. Becky

Dr. Becky Letter Submissions 

1. Submit your letter to:

2. Limit the words to 300.

3. Ask one or two clearly defined questions at the end of your letter.

4. Keep the letter anonymous.(we wont show or use your email address in any way without explicit permission)

5. Letters will be answered via video at Youtube (Insert URL link to youtube channel)

6. Letter topics can consist of a broad spectrum of issues

7. You will be notified when a video is produced answering your letter.

8. Letter submitted becomes the ownership of Dr. Becky and will be edited if needed.

Example Letters

I have something in the back of my mind that keeps bothering me and I wish I could just erase it from my mind. I have been separated for the past four years. I was married to my wife for ten years. She was my high school sweetheart but now everything has ended. Together we have two wonderful boys. She was always a great mother until we separated. From day one we separated, it was like she detached from my boys as well. It really bothers me that she is not a mother to them anymore. To be honest with you I feel like we do not need her in our lives! My boy’s are now twelve and eight  and they live with me. They don’t mention him her at all. We lived close to her for years but never heard from her, so we moved to another state about 900 miles away. I do not mind ever hearing from her again. My question is how do you forget about the most precious and valuable things in life?-------TRYING TO FORGET

Dear Dr. Becky:
I just turned 17 year old. My boyfriend, "Drew" and I have been together for two years. He is the first boyfriend I have ever had. He asked me to marry him after we had been going out for 3 months and I said yes. He had hinted about asking previously but I had not responded because I didn’t want to hurt him. I care about him very much. I have family and friends telling me that I am young and need to take my time.  I did tell him that I wanted to take it slowly since I am so young and he is only 18.  Drew tells me if I break up with him to date other guys, he will never date me again. Becca, I want to make sure he is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. I really do feel too young to be engaged or married but I love Drew greatly. I scared of losing him or breaking his heart. I don’t want to destroy this relationship. What can I do to help myself know that I have found my true love? -- STUCK IN LOVE

Due to the volume of letters received, Dr. Becky is not able to answer all letters. If you are currently experiencing a crisis and need immediate assistance please call 911. If you are experiencing emotional distress and need a counselor, call the free hotline to locate a counselor near you: 1-800-THERAPIST (1-800-843-7284) 

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