Monday, March 8, 2021

Meditation & Mindfulness - For beginners


Often times people might think that meditation requires intense levels of focus and discipline in order to achieve its desired effects. Other times people believe they simply do not have the time or space to do it either. The key thing to remember is that everyone can achieve mindfulness in their own way and nothing ever has to be forced. This blog will help those who would like to begin their journey into finding tranquility & peace during trying times. 

Step 1: Get Comfortable 

You will always want to make sure you are free of distraction. This could be noise, non comfortable clothing, bright and or dim areas, and your choice of being around others or choosing to be isolated. The first couple of times you try meditating you will start to really observe your environment in a different way. you will realize just how many things can be going on at one time that could be adding to higher levels of stress / irritation. When you have discovered your "safe place" it will be time to initiate your meditative session. 

Step 2: Focal Points 

At this point you now want to figure out what the most comfortable position for your body is. Some prefer to be seated on the ground with their legs crossed, others simply sit in a chair. Whatever is most comfortable for you, do it! There are some things you do need to focus on however. An easy acronym to remember your focal points is B.T.B (Breath, Thoughts, Body) Your breathing is hands down the most integral part of your ability to achieve mindfulness. the best trick for breathing is to do four seconds inhale and four seconds exhale. The focus of breathing helps put your body in a relaxed state and opens up the opportunity to focus completely on the two other points. 

Your thoughts also play a huge role since the main point of meditation is to sort and organize the thoughts you might be having. A huge misconception is that you can not think about anything other than meditation. On the contrary this is the time to address any thoughts you might be having. There is no need to judge your thoughts, simply think them analyze them and carry on.

The final focal point is the body. What helps to really prioritize your body is to close your eyes and begin to simply feel everything you might be physically feeling. Going back to your breathing feel the air as it enters through the nose and releases through the mouth. With practice you will start to gauge when your body begins to fall into a more calm and relaxed state. When you feel more relaxed and your breathing is on check, now you can focus on the rest of the body. Note the contact of your body and the area you might be sitting on. Note the air on your skin. You will be amazed to see what your body will tell you when you finally pay attention to it. 

Step 3: Release

After you have practiced training your body to focus completely and entirely on yourself you yourself will know when you have entered the meditative state. When you are there the next step is to just drift into the peacefulness and allow yourself to simply enjoy this time to yourself. Everyone is different in timing. For some this state can last for thirty seconds others up to an hour or more. The world record for the longest uninterrupted meditation is three days ! You practice for what you need. If you need only five minutes one day to decompress then have at it. If you have more time and you need up to an hour it is completely doable. 

Step 4: Reconnection

After all these steps have been achieved and you feel you got what you needed out of your session it is time to reconnect with the outside world. You never want to just get up and be done and carry on with your day. When you are ready, begin to bring attention back to B.T.B. Remember your breathing patterns, bring your thoughts back to the front of your mind, and notice the differences in what your body might be experiencing. After you have reconnected reflect for a few seconds about your experience. Perhaps what you could do differently or what you enjoyed most about it. 

Learning to focus on yourself and your body is huge in being mentally fit and healthy. Meditation & Mindfulness can help you out in so many more ways than one. The best part about it is that it costs 0$ to get the best experience and the more you practice the better you will get !

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