Monday, April 26, 2021

Self Care



Different ways that you can incorporate self-care into you daily routine

          With the hustle and bustle of todays demands, not to mention the strain that COVID 19 has put on our lives, how does anyone take time for self-care? Has it become one of those terms that we have heard of, but couldn’t imagine where we would squeeze that into an already busy schedule? How important is self-care anyway? Lastly, if I do not take time for myself then how is anything going to get done?

         Does this sound familiar? It does for many. We hear about self-care, but rarely take the time to incorporate it into our lives. There are so many things to get done in a day and often it feels like the list is never ending. So, individuals get burnt out, stressed from life, and can tend to cope un unhealthy ways. Here at Insight Counseling & Therapy we want you to be both healthy body and mind. So, we have put together some information on the importance of self-care and how to incorporate it into a busy schedule.

        Self-care is the time that one takes doing activities that they enjoy and is good for their mind, body, and soul. This could be reading, writing, painting, taking a bath, taking a nap, listening to music, going for a walk, participating in a sport, exercising, and many more. Self-care is all about activities that promote positive mental health and wellness.

       According Dr. Matthew Glowaik, a professor at Southern New Hampshire University, “Self-care is an important activity to do every day. Doing so will lead toward a better balance among your dimensions of wellness and lead toward improved overall health and wellness. Life is precious, and it is meant to be enjoyed” (2020).

      Self-care is at its finest, is about taking some time out of the day for yourself, doing what you fine enjoying. Creating a self-care routine can be the first step toward better overall wellness. Engaging in self-care has been proven to reduce or completely eliminate anxiety and depression, lower stress levels, increase concentration, lower frustration and anger, gain happiness, boost energy, and MORE! From a physical health point of view, self-care also has been shown to reduce heart disease, stroke, and cancer (Glowaik, 2020).

     Now that we have looked at a few of the many benefits self-care has, let’s look at the 8 different dimensions of wellness put out by the national Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (Glowaik, 2020). These different dimensions offer a plethora of options for incorporating self-care into your life.

Emotional self-care – speak with a friend, do self-reflection, write in a journal, read, do something artistic and creative, listen to music, exercise, go for a walk, watch TV. Hug someone and cuddle, laugh, or take a nap.

Environmental self-care o for a walk or run somewhere nice, breathe in fresh outside air, enjoy the sun, enjoy the night sky, or redesign a room.

Financial self-care – open a savings account, start saving (even if $1 per day), try saving even more if you are already saving, invest in something you are interested in, or ask for a raise.

Intellectual self-care – read or listen to audiobooks, watch documentaries on topics that interest you, put together a puzzle, become curious, try something new, take a class in something that interests you, graduate.

Occupational self-care – learn a trade, get your degree, train for a promotion, accept the promotion, put together your resume, polish your resume, apply for your dream job, take on a task you enjoy, open your own business.

Physical self-care – work out daily, take a walk, eat healthy, get your annual checkup, see the dentist, take medications as prescribed, avoid drugs and alcohol, get 7-9 hours of sleep, see the physician when you do not feel well.

Social – meet up with friends and family, keep in contact with old friends, volunteer, go out, have fun, engage in healthy social media use, exude positivity, utilize technology when distance is a factor, have a big laugh.

Spiritual self-care – meditate, pray, reflect, engage in yoga, visit a meaningful site, do right by others, be mindful, consider your higher purpose and meaning, look to your higher power for support, love one another, help those in need



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