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Case Management

NASW Standards for Social Work Case Management 


All case managers will abide by the standards as identified in the NASW link above.  

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The primary goal of case management is to optimize client functioning by providing quality services in the most efficient and effective manner to individuals with multiple complex needs. Like all methods of social work practice, case management rests on a foundation of professional training, values, knowledge, theory, and skills used in the service of attaining goals that are established in conjunction with the client and the client’s family, when appropriate. Such goals include 

  • enhancing developmental, problem- solving, and coping capacities of clients 

  • creating and promoting the effective and humane operation of systems that provide resources and services to people 

  • linking people with systems that provide them with resources, services, and opportunities 

  • improving the scope and capacity of the delivery system 

  • contributing to the development and improvement of social policy. 

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