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Angelique Bouvier


Ms. Angelique Bouvier, M.A. a Registered Associate, working to complete hours for

Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional

Counselors and Therapist (OBLPCT). Ms. Bouvier, holds a Master of Arts in Psychology with a

specialization in General Psychology, earned along with two undergraduate degrees; a Bachelors of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences, and a Bachelors of Arts in Social Criminal Justice; while attending The University of Arizona. Ms. Bouvier currently attends a Doctoral Degree Program to complete the process of earning a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with an emphasis in cognition and instruction.

Ms. Bouvier’s goals derived from several years of researching psychological, academic,

and behavioral topics. While working with individuals with disabilities (for the past decade), in

the mental health field. In addition to applying moderanied psychological theories to adapt the

challenging stressors in life, with this approach. Ms. Bouvier will delve deep to locate the proper

theory to help clients. The importance of inspiring individuals to shape a positive future

regardless of negative circumstances. Clients overcoming mental illness, drug abuse, dysfunctional lifestyles, family dynamics; for the building of a good quality mental health

treatment and encouraging a quality of life. For future writing and recommendation, the

continuation of education is aimed toward the possibility of future research to delve deep into

meeting diverse needs of the mental health population. With years of researching areas such

relationships building, individual cultural identity, socioemotional adaptations, with influences

on mood and behavior.

Some of Ms. Bouvier historical academic researchers and psychologists are Erich

Fromm, Howard Gardener, Ivan Pavlo, Sigmund Freud, CarlJung and Jean Piaget, and Abraham

Harold Maslow. Each historical individual has a unique perspective which provides individuals

with several options for treatment, aiming to offer ethical, supportive, productive, mental health


Professional Biography Ms. Bouvier's looks forward to Doctoral program will allow her access

to several higher-level options in the area of assessments, tests and measures, for business and

research related purposes. In addition to the option for academic writing, lecturer and instructor

which are personal professional interests. Encouraging undergraduates to achieve, and shape

their career path, is rewarding to her leadership. While developing new innovations in education/teaching, mental health treatment, and adaptation to cultural influences in society, by way of research. Ms Bouvier's interest in therapy and treatment is an abutment within the compelling structural influences put forth by the field of psychology. Ms. Bouvier thrives on leadership and encouraging others to set their expectation of the life they want the aim for. With daily struggles a little progression a day toward increasing the quality of life.

I am interested in public speaking on any topic related to psychology, academic and career

growth , religion ( I am an ordained minister of a universal church), positive mental health,

nutrition, physical & Fitness. Lectures, video recording, and podcast. I can speak publically in

diverse groups and classes. I also have skills, education and experience, in or facilitating groups

and aiming for progression.

Angelique Bouvier
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