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Kristen Coltrin


Learning is always on my agenda as I try to keep up with new research and modes of therapy. There is no “one size fits all” theory.  I like to cater sessions to your needs and preferences. I am a proud graduate of Northwest Nazarene University with a Master’s in Social Work, specializing in community mental health and addictions. My theory I most align with is Systems Theory - which basically means that I believe there are many factors that lead to the way we think and interact with the world. Biology, upbringing, friends, culture, where we live – all these things contribute to our experience. I have extensive experience in crisis management and suicide prevention, having worked and volunteered for the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline, offering a resource for suicide prevention education. I have been providing introductory training for clergy/church leaders to help congregation members who suffer from depression and/or suicidal thoughts. I have also provided therapy in schools, inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities, and drug, alcohol, and eating disorder rehabilitation facilities. My office is a safe place for you to express your thoughts and challenges. I believe that by working together we can build healthier mindsets, awareness can be created with your  strengths and values, which will help you lead a more satisfying life and improve your relationships with others

Age group: Children, Adolescents & Emerging Adults

Interests: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Crisis/Suicidal Ideation, LGBTQ+

Therapies:  ACT, DBT, Play Group, Solution Focused, EMDR

Kristen Coltrin
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