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Tara North


I have been on this journey called life for quite some time. I’ve had some rough times, and I’ve

had people who have discouraged and criticized me along the way. I’ve also had people who

loved, encouraged, and mentored me. We are all on our own personal journey throughout our

lives, and sometimes we need help to get unstuck and successfully continue our journey.

Throughout my life, I have always aspired to work with people and help them on their life’s

journey. I became a Marriage and Family Therapist for this very reason. I’m here to assist you on

your journey.

I have a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Abilene Christian University

(ACU), as well as a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Colorado State University (CSU). I

served in the United States Army, as a diesel mechanic and paratrooper. I pursued my bachelor’s

degree after leaving the army. After receiving my degree, I fulfilled my childhood dream and

joined the Peace Corps, serving in Nepal for over two years.

I have worked with all types of people from all different backgrounds. I conduct individual

sessions, couples therapy and family therapy. My clients have come from many different walks

of life, and I meet my clients where they are in their lives – no judgment or agenda.

Age group: 5 - Adults

Interests: Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Couples, Veterans, LGBTQIA+. Addressing

Trauma and Abuse, Domestic Violence, Suicide, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues,

Spiritual/Faith issues, Self-esteem, Divorce (children and adults), Death and Loss.

Therapies: Gottmen Method, Play/Interactive Therapies, Person-Centered, CBT, Strength-

Based, Solution Focused, Motivational Interviewing & Spiritual Counseling (upon request). Marriage and Family Therapist

These are just a few, I uses many types of therapy to help the many types of people I see.

Tara North
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