Tuesday, December 29, 2020


There is no denying that this year has taken its toll on people’s mental health. We have been separated from those we love, seen daily counts of infections and deaths increase due to COVID-19, viewed countless images of fighting and destruction throughout our nation, and been divided by politics. It is easy to see why we might feel a little overwhelmed mentally.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tools we can use to boost our mental health and combat those feeling of being overwhelmed.  One such tool is the power of gratitude. Scientific research shows that expressing gratitude can enhance your mental and physical well-being.

Expressions of gratitude can help us be happier, more resilient, and have better self-esteem. Expressing gratitude can reduce blood pressure and symptoms of depression. In addition, expressing gratitude can strengthen relationships and improve sleep (Ackerman, 2020).

To start on the path of expressing gratitude we may consider doing a few of the following things:

1-     Journal 3-5 things we are grateful for each day.

2-     Start a gratitude jar for the year. Write down specific items, and add one thing to your gratitude jar each day. Periodically take time to read what is in you jar.

3-     Express gratitude in words. Tell someone what you are grateful for.

In the end, gratitude is worth the effort.


 Ackerman, C. E. (2020, September 01). 28 Benefits of Gratitude & Most Significant Research Findings. Retrieved December 26, 2020, from https://positivepsychology.com/benefits-gratitude-research-questions/

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Ideas for Date Night During a Pandemic

 Intro Option 1 - During a pandemic, times can be trying. Don’t let the sizzle in your relationship burn out because your favorite restaurant is requiring a face shield that keeps you and your honey from smooching at the dinner table. Stay in and enjoy quality time with your loved one doing these fantastic stays at home date night ideas:

Here are our top 5 great stay at home date night Ideas:

1.    Paint n Sip – Who says you have to go out to have a great time painting and sipping on a delicious beverage? Grab a canvas and some paints, perhaps a Bob Ross tutorial on YouTube, and a beverage of your choice. This evening will be a chance to laugh, enjoy yourself, or even discover your inner artist. Either way it is sure to be a date night that will make it into the books.

 Dinner and A Show – Get all dressed up and make a fancy dinner. Grab your favorite beverage, the music, the works! Relish in a great dinner and even better conversation. After your evening meal. Settle down together on the couch and watch a movie and enjoy genuine time. In this theatre you don’t have to worry about your chair getting kicked or someone else’s head blocking the view.

Putting Together A Puzzle – Puzzles are a favorite pastime for many individuals. They can be a time when you grab a favorite beverage of choice and slow down with a nice quite evening putting a puzzle together. There are many different puzzles to choose from such as 2D puzzles to 3D puzzles. It will bee an evening that can easily fit into becoming a favorite date night.

 Board Games – Perhaps you have a score to settle, a bet to win, or you both just love board games. This date night option will be sure to be victorious for both of you. This evening is meant for spending quality time, laughing, and don’t forget…..competition. May the odds be ever in your favor.  

 Dancing – Practice this date night with care as you and your significant other entertain another with different styles of dancing. This can also be a time for slow dancing with mutually liked music or practice for your couple’s dance routine if you and your significant other have or are developing one. 

 Spa Date-You don’t have to go to an expensive spa to fully enjoy this leisurely intimate evening together. Burn some candles, play some relaxing music,  light some incense, grab your favorite fragrant lotion, buy a facial mask or foot scrub, put on a robe, and connect with your spouce by giving each other back massages, facial massages, soak feet and foot rub, bubble bath, head massage, or massage each other hands. 

 Regardless of the activities that you do at home. Date night should be about spending time with your loved one and strengthening that healthy bond. Even though times are busy make sure you are making that time for your significant other and don’t forget to make some time for yourself.


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Don’t Loss Sleep over COVID-19

    Covid-19 has effected just about every one, and every area of our lives. Whether it be our        employment, our children’s schooling, our family get togethers, our vacations, or some of our most important life events, it seems that COVID-19 is always there to rear its ugly head.  Covid-19 has induced feelings of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety, but we don’t have to give it power over all aspects of our lives. We can fight back with one simple tool--SLEEP.

If you have been losing sleep over COVID-19, you may be asking how to get back on a good sleeping schedule.  The answer is to set aside time to developing good sleep hygiene. It does not require much and is relatively simple to implement. Sleep when used right has many benefits for our minds and our bodies.  Below are seven simple steps for improved sleep hygiene and the benefits of a good nights’ rest.


Monday, August 10, 2020

 The Art of Communication

Communication issues appears to be a re-occuring theme in just about every one I work with. Whether it is an individual, couple, or family. Good communication can make all the difference in sucessful relationships at home, with friends, or in the office. Communicating assertively means clearly and calmly expressing what you want without either being too passive or too aggressive. Learning to communicate assertively doesn’t guarantee you will have your needs met but it makes it more likely, and it can improve your relationships with other people.

Are you a Passive Communicator?

Do you think your needs don’t matter at all. Give in to others all the time. Do you often feel nervous or anxious when talking to others? You often hope no one asks for your opinion. You don't speak up even when you want to.  You let others shut you down when you do speak. You always trying to keep the peace. Do you feel bullied?  Do you find yourself not saying what you think, or not saying anything. Do you feel like you are getting ran over all the time or you are a door mat? .......Then you are likely a passive communicator.

Why can being Passive all the time create problems?

It can damages relationships. Often other people respect you less. It damages your self-esteem. 

Are you an Agressive Communicator?

Do you feel the need to always looking out for yourself? Do you tend to re-direct conversation back to yourself most of the time? Do you find yourself talking over people much the time? Do you tend to not listen to others or put yourself in their shoes? Do you think that your opinion is the only right one? Do you find yourself escalating (voice/emotions) while communicating?

 Why can being an Agressive Communicate create problems?

It is a form of taking from others. Thinking that only your needs matter. It potentially damages others self-esteem. It can damage relationships at home and work. People don’t like to be intimidated. It can lead to shouting, aggression or violence.It often is a form of bullying others.

Are you an Assertive Communicator?

Do you recognising that your needs matter as much as anyone elses?  Do you compromise by both talking and listening. Do you making sure things are fair - for you and others? Do you stand up for yourself when needed. Can you express your point clearly and confidently. 

Why is being an Assertive Communicator a positive and healthy way to communicate?

It enhances relationships. People know where they stand.  Builds your self-esteem. It build confidence. It provides direction, understanding, clarity. You feel heard and the person you are talking to feels heard. It prevents problems and can solve problems. It provides a means in which you can have a choice in a matter by having a voice. See diagram below. Next week, I will address how to assertively communicate in a manner anyone can feel comfortable with!! Don't miss it!! Dr. Becky Wolery